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The greatest wealth is health

Welo Chiro, with a team of professional certified female chiropractors from KL, Malaysia, is a Chiropractic and rehabilitation centre that is extensive in service and treatment of spinal-relation conditions. With the years of experience dealing with patients of all age groups, we are able to deliver effective results through individualized treatments to the root of the problem. First in the community of Damansara Jaya, we are dedicated to promote health and well-being of each individual, improving the quality of life by providing the best care.


We advocate higher quality of life through empowering YOU with the knowledge, lifestyle and chiropractic care needed for a better spine.


Realising the full potential of chiropractic care by improving accessibility, affordability and awareness.


Loh Wei Chee Chiropractor
罗炜棋 脊骨神经矫正医师

Loh Wei Chee is a passionate female Chiropractor from KL, Malaysia who is dedicated to health and well-being. She often goes the extra mile to achieve better results within the shortest possible timeframe. As a graduate from International Medical University (IMU) with First Class Honours and named on the Dean’s List, she aspires to make a change in people’s life. She is also an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Health Coach. This certification allows her to further manage her care through a multi-modal Diversified Chiropractic care, focusing on different aspects of health in addition to the primary neuro-musculoskeletal health.

With a special interest in women’s health, Wei Chee has experience in treating many female patients including pregnant mothers, young rhythmic gymnasts, and ballerinas, among others. She also enjoys giving public health talks to promote health and wellbeing and give back to  society. She believes that understanding one’s own health is the first step in taking action towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Sarah Tan Li Ern Chiropractor
陈丽恩 脊骨神经矫正医师

A graduate from the International Medical University (IMU) with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Chiropractic, Sarah Tan Li Ern may not be big in size, but is definitely big at heart! She got into the Chiropractic profession with a passion to help people get back to doing what they normally love and enjoy. She believes in a holistic & conservative approach to healthcare through multimodal Chiropractic care. She also loves getting to meet and converse with a vast array of patients.⁣

In short, Sarah believes that by improving an individual’s lifestyle, he/she can fully enjoy what life has to offer!⁣

Chiropractor - Dr Sarah Tan Li Ern

Lim Hui Sin Chiropractor
林慧欣 脊骨神经矫正医师

A graduate from the International Medical University (IMU) with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chiropractic, Lim Hui Sin is cheerful and optimistic to overcome every challenge in life. You will almost always catch her smiling when you see her in centre, as she believes that smiling heals the soul and fills the heart with bliss.

In her opinion, Chiropractic is a growing profession as people are becoming more aware of the importance of spinal health. She believes in conservative healthcare as an alternative when trying to avoid other approaches such as medication or surgery. Ever optimistic, Hui Sin always encourages her patients to trust in their body’s healing process over time and believes that the final result will be worthwhile.