Chiropractic Treatment in Petaling Jaya (PJ)


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We welcome you to the centre in Klang Valley, Petaling Jaya (PJ), for chiropractic treatment that focuses on reducing pain, improving range of motion, and optimising performance. We always start with an initial consultation, through which we understand the history of your complaint, followed by the necessary assessment and examination required. Before we begin with your treatment, our chiropractors will be sure to explain your assessment result thoroughly so that you can make an informed decision to any treatments recommended. Not to worry, chiropractic treatments are usually not painful!

Chiropractic Treatments We Offer in Our Centre Located in Klang Valley, PJ

Chiropractic Treatment

‘Chiro’ means ‘hands’; ‘Practic’ means ‘practice’. ‘Chiropractic’ stands for the treatment with hands. We specialize in the treatment of nerves & spinal-related conditions without the use of drugs and surgeries. ‘Chiropractic Adjustment’ is a common procedure used by trained Chiropractors to apply a controlled and sudden force to a spinal joint with their hands. This procedure aims to improve spinal motion, reduce pain, and restore body’s physical function.

Chiropractors can also use additional tools such as Activators, SOT blocks and Thompson drops to further enhance the effect of the treatment, when necessary.

Traction, Decompression & Mobilisation (TDM)

Our TDM machine is our first choice of treatment when it comes to spinal disc injuries and conditions. Some commonly seen conditions include slipped discs, disc bulges, and Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD). This gentle yet effective treatment allows the intervertebral disc to heal in an assisted manner, thus removing the pressure on the affected nerve root. Not only that, with the additional setting option for Mobilisation, mild chronic joint injuries can benefit tremendously from this treatment!

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Our Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine from Chattanooga is a superior physical therapy product used to reduce pain, increase circulation and increase mobility of soft tissues in addition to reducing inflammation and promoting healing of injuries. Most commonly used in joint and muscle injuries!


In addition to the passive physical therapy mentioned earlier, we also promote an active lifestyle towards a healthier community. Once we get you out of pain, we encourage rehabilitation exercises specially designed for each individual. This allows further recovery and further strengthening of the muscles of the body. For those who claimed to be too busy or lazy to exercise, there’s no more excuses with these facilities available!

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