Is Strength Training for Me?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “strength training”? 

For most of us, we would probably associate that with joining a commercial gym and lifting heavy weights. But what if I told you that strength training can be done with neither of those things? Strength training is a form of structured exercise that is used to train the body’s tissue capacity (muscles, bone and ligaments) to handle load progressively. To put it simply, strength training is used to improve your body’s ability to handle stress and load over time. Instead of relying on a gym membership or heavy weights, our own bodyweight is the first form of resistance we can and should master before picking up weights. 

In society, strength training seems to be reserved for the athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and just about anyone that participates in a physically demanding sport. What if I told you that strength training is for everyone? From teenagers looking to be more active in sports to elderly people who want to be more mobile at home.

Strength training can be beneficial to everyone and will look different for everyone, depending on their goal, age and past injuries.  

Lastly, why do we strength train? In the past, strength training for the layperson was exclusively associated with aesthetics. This narrative has thankfully shifted to strength training for our physical and mental wellbeing. On top of giving you a good looking body, it also improves your energy levels, enables you to participate in activities you enjoy, and helps manage your mental health as well. 

Here are four ways strength training can help you!

  • Having a stronger base of support. 

By performing movements like squats and lunges, we’re improving our body’s ability to go down and up with more ease and control. Having strong legs is crucial to staying healthy and mobile as we age. Say goodbye to the days of not being able to run after your kids in the park or not being able to get off the couch without pain! 

  • Get rid of lower back aches and pain

There are many factors to consider in having a strong back. One person may need more strength, while another person may need more mobility. But regardless of which it is, strength training helps to prepare the lower back to move in whatever direction it needs to. 

  • Improve unilateral strength (strength on one side of the body)

Majority of life involves one side of the body more than the other. For example, carrying a bag in one hand, throwing a ball, and even walking! In movements that require more reliance on one side of the body, having a strong core is necessary to control the rotational forces around it. Poor core control can lead to many compensations in our posture and movements, which can then lead to injury. 

  • Improve bone density

Past the age of 40, we lose bone density faster than it can be replenished. More so, women’s bone density decreases at an even faster rate than men. It is said that after the initial 5-7 years of menopause, an average woman would have lost 20% of their bone density. 

One of the best ways to stop that from happening is increasing calcium intake in our diet and strength training! Increased force and pressure placed on our bones helps to stimulate the body to reinforce our bones with calcium, making them stronger. That’s why taking calcium supplements isn’t enough. The body needs a stimulus to utilise the calcium in the body.

As important as strength training is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, making sure you’re not injured in the process is equally as important. It doesn’t take much to start strength training, but we do need to start to make a difference! If you’re interested in learning more or giving strength training a go, do find us at: 

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